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“You Can Reach 100% of Your Search Audience Through Google, Right? Think Again!”

Google might be the leader in the search engine market, but Bing Ads – which provides pay-per-click advertising services on the Bing search engine – has grown its share of the search market over the last number of years. Stats released by Bing shows that the network now enjoys a significant 33% market share in the US, 25% in the United Kingdom and 8% in Ireland.

Why Should You Use Bing Ads?

This growing market share means that there is plenty of untapped PPC potential for businesses to exploit to drive further leads and conversions outside of their Google AdWords campaigns. That’s why we recommend our clients use Bing Ads in tandem with their Adwords campaign to get the best return on investment from their ad spend.

With many people (typically an older audience or large corporate audience) using Bing as their primary search engine, it’s a no-brainer to include it in your digital marketing strategy. Bing offers an ‘Import from AdWords’ option meaning accounts can be up and running within minutes. Bing can be an excellent place to start with PPC advertising or to build out an already well-established campaign.


As well as the tried and true search ads, Bing also offers Dynamic Search Ads*, Product Ads (similar to Google Shopping), Intent Ads*, App Install Ads* and Bing Ads in Bing Smart Search, meaning that there are endless ways to get in front of your target audience.

Bing also offers a comprehensive selection of ad extensions including Image Extension, Review Extensions, Price Extensions as well as they traditional Location, Call, Callout and Sitelink Extensions to ensure that your search ads include as much information as possible.

Location, Date, Device, Age and or Gender Day of the Week/Time of Day are all available alongside keywords. Bid adjustments can be used to emphasise your most important attributes, location and language can be set to ensure you reach your target customers.

*Indicated ad formats that are not available worldwide.

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Why Choose Dotdynamic to Manage Your Bing Ads Campaign?

Dotdynamic is Bing ads accredited and we manage the platform extensively for our clients. Our PPC specialists are fluent in Bing Ads and are fully versed in all elements of the platform. Most companies don’t have that level of expertise in-house, so we can support you through the technical setup of your account and help with its ongoing management.
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We have assisted numerous clients with their Bing Ads campaigns and when you are working with us, you are ensured a level of knowledge and understanding that cannot be matched. We are continually ahead of the curve and regularly liaise with Bing specialists to ensure your account is up to speed with its ever-changing features.

Whether you’re just getting started with Bing Ads, or you’re keen to maximize returns from your existing campaign, the PPC specialists at Dotdynamic are ready to work with you and help you in every aspect of your Bing Ads campaign management. From initial tracking and ad copywriting to competitive research and keyword discovery, we’ve got you covered.



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