Working with a Hubspot Partner Agency

Working with a Hubspot Partner Agency

Whether your business is already using HubSpot or you’re considering signing up, working with a Hubspot Partner might be something you want to explore and could help you get ahead of your competitors.  

What exactly is a HubSpot partner agency?

A Hubspot Partner is an agency (or individual) that has been ‘approved’ by HubSpot to resell its marketing automation software. HubSpot Partners are obligated to stay up to date with the newest features and approaches by completing certifications to maintain their status. 

There are different levels of Hubspot Partners depending on retention rate, software engagement, and revenue through the platform. The tiers include gold, platinum, Diamond & Elite. 

What are the benefits of working with a Hubspot Partner Agency?

Choosing to adopt an inbound marketing approach and signing up to HubSpot is a big decision and it can be daunting but here are some of the things that a HubSpot Partner Agency can help you with so your sales and marketing teams can focus on what they do best:

  1. Sign-up, set up and onboarding. Using HubSpot every day means that a HubSpot Partner has a very good understanding of what is needed to get up and running and typically will have a robust process that they run through when getting a client set up. This will typically include helping you estimate how many contacts you need, and what level subscription is right for your needs, portal setup and configuration, inbound strategy implementation (this may vary from agency to agency) and onboarding training to make sure that key members of your team are comfortable with HubSpot. This also means that nothing is missed so your business can get off to the best possible start when it comes to your inbound marketing. 
  1. On-going or ad-hoc support. Depending on your level of experience with many Partner Agencies will offer both on-going support (this is usually based on a retainer fee) or ad-hoc support (billed separately to any other work) so depending on your size of marketing team and HubSpot Partner Agency can be a great addition to assist with the workload of monthly strategies in your portal and ensure maintenance is done on a regular – check out our blog on auditing your portal – or that you have an extra pair of hands during a particularly busy time.
  1. Early Access. Often times Hubspot partner Agencies will get early access or insight into new updates that are being made available and can even be included in Beta tests before the official launch. This means that you, the client, are guaranteed the latest technologies when it comes to your Inbound Marketing strategy, keeping you one step ahead of the competition. And you can be sure that if your Agency thinks there is a feature that HubSpot should include for businesses like yours that they’ve pitched the idea to the Product Development team. 

How should you choose HubSpot Partner Agency to work with?

Choosing a Hubspot Agency is tricky as often it comes down to personalities. It is vital that you feel confident in your team and that your personalities work well together, otherwise there can be friction. The best place to start looking for a partner is in the HubSpot Agency Partner Directory, here you can see Partner Agencies from around the world along with their tier and their reviews. Alternatively, you can call HubSpot and they will put you in contact with your nearest HubSpot Marketing Agency and you can begin the conversation. 

Ultimately working with a HubSpot Partner Agency gives you a sense of reassurance that you are dealing with an agency that has a strong relationship with HubSpot, takes huge pride in their work and seeks to do their very best for the client. You can see more about our partner status in the Partner Directory

Disclaimer – Every agency has its own way of operating and the HubSpot Partner Program is only a guide for businesses and agencies to reference, the ultimate decision of choosing an agency falls to the client and HubSpot does not take any responsibility for the relationships between clients and their agencies. 

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