Key Takeaways from HubSpot’s ‘State of Inbound 2016’

Key Takeaways from HubSpot’s ‘State of Inbound 2016’

Last month, HubSpot launched their eighth annual report, into the current state of Inbound Marketing in today’s world. This year the report discusses hundreds of statements and statistics from over 4,500 marketers and consumers. Inbound Marketing has grown exceptionally in popularity, with both businesses and customers. The inbound ethos, at its heart, is about being helpful. By giving the right people, the right information, at the right time!

We have poured through the responses and compiled the top takeaways from the ‘State of Inbound’.

Content – Marketing has always been based around the linchpin that is contacts and leads, however, inbound marketing has evolved this thinking. Nurturing contacts and leads into customers continues to be a priority, and agencies plan on doing this by growing their organic ranking with improved SEO as well as through blogging and content creation.


Plot twist! The goals and priorities that we mentioned above, don’t sit well with what customers are looking for. HubSpot discovered that people are more likely to skim through blog posts and other wordy content formats and engage with videos, social posts, and news articles.


With this in mind, consumers want marketers to shake things up. Consider investing resources into creating content in different formats. Videos, social posts, and new articles are some of the top choices for consumers but online classes or educational games, interactive articles and tools are also popular with our customers. Take some time to rethink how you could present your information to your consumers next time!


Search – As we mentioned already, growing organic presence is still massively important to marketers and agencies but with consumers utilising social media, marketers will have to adapt their strategies to reflect this.  


Searches on Facebook and other social networks have increased exponentially over the last two years. In addition, mobiles devices have become the primary device for accessing the internet, meaning that marketers need to ensure that their off-site content is fully optimised for mobile, as well as for social media searches.


That’s not all, there has been a notable increase in the number of people utilising conversational UI’s (Siri, Cortana, Alexa etc) marketers will need to start including conversational search into their own strategies.


Ads – Pop-up advertising and auto-playing videos ads have always been a nuisance but now, consumers are dubbing these marketing tools as “obnoxious, intrusive and prevalent”, suggesting that this strong disliking has grown into a sense of loathing.


As a result of this people are employing the use of ad blockers in an attempt to mute the constant racket caused by intrusive online ads, rendering many pop-ups and banner ads useless. The main offender, in consumers eyes, is online pop-ups, with Mobile ads not far behind and videos advertisements coming in third.

Click here to download the full report!

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