Hubspot’s Free CRM – Features, Benefits & Limitations

Hubspot’s Free CRM – Features, Benefits & Limitations

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s safe to assume that you’re researching different free CRM software options to find the one that will fit your business’ needs. You want to find the right free CRM that will assist you in growing your business.

Using a CRM will not only help you understand your customers better but will also assist you in increasing efficiency (both time and cost), enhancing communications, and track individual interactions between your business and your contacts and customers. Each of the aforementioned benefits will allow your business to develop meaningful relationships with each lead, contact and customer you acquire. 

The inbound marketing flywheel methodology of attracting, engage with and delighting applies to both future leads and current customers. With Hubspot’s free CRM, you will have the ability to achieve all three elements of the flywheel with the assistance of the many free features Hubspot accompanying their free CRM. 

Like all good CRMs, it’s focused on gathering the important data you need to know about your leads and customers. The contact management system allows you to store that data in individual contact records which makes your data well organised and easily accessible. 

Aligning your sales and marketing teams is no easy feat. Using Hubspot’s free CRM, your marketing team can easily capture new leads, grow their database and nurture leads through each lifecycle stage. When ready, the leads can be passed directly to your sales team who can then keep full control over the sales process, whilst using CRM to organize all of the information. 

With all of this valuable information being stored in one place, your marketing and sales team can remain up to date with any updates to a lead or prospect. Having both departments going to one place to get updates will make sure both are working in unison to achieve the same final goal.

Let’s dive into the features you can utilize with Hubspot’s free CRM to grow your company. 

Free Hubspot CRM Features

The free CRM the Hubspot platform offers is much more than just a customer relationship management software. Yes, without a doubt, it’s a very solid software for managing your contacts but that’s only the initial feature you will make use of with the Hubspot free CRM. 

Free Tools for Contact Management

  • Prospect Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Ticketing

Free Tools for Lead Gen/Nurturing

  • Forms
  • Ad Management
  • Live Chat
  • Chatbot Builder
  • Email Marketing
  • List Segmentation

Free Tools for Sales Productivity

  • Deals & Tasks
  • Company Insights
  • Pipeline Management
  • Email tracking & Notifications
  • Gmail & Outlook Integration
  • Meeting Scheduling 
  • Deal Tracking

Free Tools for Insights

  • Contact Website Activity
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Rep Productivity Reporting
  • Time-to-Close Reporting

It’s great to have all of these features and tools at your disposal in the free Hubspot CRM, but how are they going to benefit your company?

Hubspot Free CRM Benefits

There are a number of benefits to using Hubspot’s free CRM, so let’s go through some of the top benefits and see what value can be gained from three different perspectives; 

  • The business owner
  • The marketer
  • And the salesperson

For Business Owners:

The database that helps you manage and organize your contacts is extremely powerful and very easy to use. This makes the process of tracking the details of your business relationships very easy.

Along with this, you have the ability to manage an entire sales pipeline, organize and respond to customer support queries, benefiting the customer service experience, all within the same tool.

With Hubspot’s free CRM, you can email your contacts in bulk, and help you capture new leads. The email feature within the free CRM allows you to create personalized emails. Email personalization is a known factor in increasing email engagement. So, from a business owners perspective, this allows you to increase email performance and assist you with nurturing your relationships with contacts and customers. 

You can add Hubspot forms to your website to convert unknown website visitors into qualified business leads. The Hubspot forms will take the information gathered from the form and automatically create or update a contact record within the CRM. 

Hubspot’s built-in reporting helps you monitor the number of new contacts you’re capturing and keep track of all the tasks and activities that make up your relationships with customers.

For Marketers:

Hubspot’s free CRM allows you to capture more leads, and grow your database.

Using the free ad management tools, you can attract more visitors to your site and capture their information with the free form tools that allow you to convert visitors into qualified leads. The CRM will then automatically organize the collected information and track each contact with their own unique timeline.

The features and tools in the free CRM will allow the marketer to connect with and convert visitors in real-time using live chat, and use chatbots to scale your one-to-one chat conversations.

You can send bulk email for free. Then after sending, you can analyze what worked and what didn’t.

Nurturing your leads using email that’s optimized for different devices and are easy to create is made simple by the CRM. Adding that with the ability to personalize your emails using contact data from your HubSpot CRM makes developing effective lead nurturing campaigns easy.

The built-in analytics helps you to identify which emails, pages, content offers, and traffic sources are contributing the most conversions.

Using the CRM helps in identifying common trends in how your visitors use your website. This information can help ensure your marketing team are focusing on the assets that are driving more leads and optimizing the ones that are underperforming

For Salespeople:

Salespeople can keep full control over your sales process, whilst using CRM to organize all of the information. 

Company data can be added to your new contacts automatically from Hubspot’s database of 20 million companies. 

A deal pipeline can be made to automate the sales process so that your sales team can focus on closing deals.  Calls, emails, meetings, and notes track automatically, which will allow you to stay up to date with your team’s progress and follow up in a time-efficient manner. 

You can give prospects the option to connect when it’s convenient. Hubspot’s CRM lets you send a scheduling link that syncs with your calendar. This makes the time-consuming back and forth of meeting scheduling, between the sales rep and the prospect, take less time.

And finally, Hubspot has email integrations with Gmail and Outlook.

Hubspot Free CRM Limitations

With the free CRM you’re bound to come across some limitations that your business might find necessary.

With the free account, you can use 5 different premade email templates. Of course, you can edit the contents in each email template, but the layout will remain the same.

You can send 2,000 emails per month but it’s worth noting that the emails will have Hubspot branding on them.  Also, the tracking and email notifications are capped at 200 per month. 

Your email list segmentation is capped at 25 static lists (these lists do not update when a contact meets the list criteria) and 5 active lists (continually update). 

The ad spend that you can manage in the Ads manager is $1,000 per 30 days.

You can create one deal pipeline in the free CRM. This should not be a deal-breaking limitation as you can have multiple deals in each pipeline at one time along with multiple deal stages.

Documents, such as content offers, can be uploaded to Hubspot. This will then allow you to see what content offers are creating the most engagement. With the free CRM, you’re limited to 5 documents per account. 

The chatbot functionality is limited to creating meeting bookings, qualifying leads and ticket creation, but you do not have the ability to create custom branching. 

And finally, you can create one custom reporting dashboard.

Hubspot’s free CRM is a powerful tool and designed to align marketing and sales teams which is no small feat. Of course, there are limitations, but the benefits easily outweigh the limitations. 

The software is built with the inbound methodology in mind. You can attract unknown website visitors and turn them into a lead using the lead generation tools. Engage with them using the email marketing functionality and sales tools to turn your leads into prospects. Then when your hard work is rewarded by turning a prospect into a customer, you can delight them to make them promoters of your business. 

Remember, Hubspot CRM free version is exactly that, free. It’s not a trial and you don’t have to commit to any long term agreements. Get the free tier and try it out. What’s the worst that can happen? If it doesn’t suit then just stop using it. But, make sure you are giving it a fair chance by using all of the available tools. 

If you want to make sure you get set up correctly or need any help getting the most out of the software, then please get in touch with us here at Dotdynamic. We would be more than happy to help you out.


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