HubSpot Reports to Make Your Manager Swoon

HubSpot Reports to Make Your Manager Swoon

HubSpot’s Growth Platform allows you to evaluate and measure your overall marketing and sales effort through its built-in reporting features and reporting add-ons. Marketing and sales teams must rely on HubSpot’s reporting to understand the benefits and downfalls of their campaigns performance, giving you a vivid insight into key metrics.  

Identify actionable steps to improve the performance of your campaigns and impress your clients and managers with up to date, quality information by building amazing custom reports to answer those complex questions.

  1. Returning Contacts Report
  2. Chat Response Time Average by Rep
  3. Traffic Analytics
  4. Contact Location
  5. MQL Performance Line Chart
  6. Deal Closed Total Vs. Goal
  7. Customer loyalty score (NPS) over time
  8. Deal Forecast

Returning Contacts Report

During the lead generation process, it is helpful to know how often a user returns to your website and what stage of the lifecycle they are at. This report will show you the number of sessions logged by the user giving you a greater insight into your engagement with the contact. 

By having a better understanding of your returning contacts you can see who is a customer and where the opportunities are to generate more customers. This information can be vital when it comes to planning to convert more users into paying customers or clients. 

To get this report you need to go to reports and click on ‘create custom report’ and choose a single object as you only want to report on a singular object such as contacts. This will generate a report displaying information like a contact name, date created, and lifecycle change. You can then add new properties like a number of sessions and its original source.

Returning Contacts Report

Chat Response Time Average by Rep

In marketing, customer satisfaction is the measure of how your services and products match customers satisfaction. This is important because it is an indicator of purchase intent and loyalty. Perfect customer service should be the main focus of any campaign and providing instant gratification by responding to queries and tickets quickly can be what satisfies prospective customers and can even lead to a conversion.

The average time to respond report gives you an insight into how quickly your team is responding to customers and even compares previous response times. Within the report library, you will find the chat response time average. This report will allow you to see which team responds the quickest to users and will show you where response improvement can be made and start turning leads into happy customers.

Response time Chat report

Traffic Analytics

Under HubSpot’s reporting analytic tools you will find traffic analytics. This report can be useful for many reasons but here you can see how many new contacts were generated by each source and how many customers came from it. This report will give you a great oversight on how your marketing efforts are performing, are your PPC campaigns leading to customers? Or should you revisit your lead generation strategy to convert new contacts? 

This information is vital to any business, to have a clear understanding of how your lead generation attempts are performing will be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful campaign.

This report even gives you the option to include offline sources, to view topic clusters and export to CSV, XLS and XLSX.

traffic analytics report

Contact Location

For a business that serves within certain locations knowing if your marketing efforts are attracting potential customers from these areas. Inside of HubSpot reporting sort your contacts by state or region. This will present contact percentage per location that is reachable.

This information will show you how many contacts come from each location, shedding a light on where to focus your lead generation efforts. See what locations have a low number of contacts and review your strategy to boost leads and increase the number of paying customers.

MQL Performance Line Chart

With the reporting add-on, you get the resources to create stunning custom MQL reports. Understanding your Marketing Qualified leads (MQL) is very important as these are users that have had a prior engagement on your landing page and maybe likely to become a customer or a sales qualified lead (SQL).

The MQL Performance Line Chart is an aesthetic way to visualize how your MQLs are progressing every month, helping you focus your lead generation efforts to close more deals.

Build this report by selecting contacts as your report object and set your date property to become an MQL then select this month and daily frequency. Next, you will need to set the axis. Select became an MQL on the X-axis and count of contacts on the Y-axis. Set date range to be compared to last month, you are good to go.

MQL performance line chart

Deal Closed Total Vs. Goal

The deal closed total vs goal report is where you can see the revenue from closed deals compared to your team’s quota or custom goals. Using this report you will be able to track your team’s progress over a specified time period, and in doing so, you can set better sales goals. 

Information found within this report is a valuable asset for your marketing and sales team as it gives you a vivid understanding of the quality of leads generated by the marketing team and if your goals are realistic or not.

deal closed report

Customer loyalty score (NPS) over time

Customer loyalty is important for every business as it connects good experiences with your brand increasing the likelihood of customers making repeat purchases. This is a good metric to review when performing lead generation strategies to give you a better understanding of how previously converted leads are interacting with your business.

Customer Loyalty score or the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a survey method that allows you to measure customer loyalty. This metric is measured on a scale of 1-10 on how likely a customer is to recommend you to other potential customers. 

This report can be found in HubSpot’s Service Hub and on Enterprise level only. Using this report will shine a light on how happy your customers are and can inspire changes to increase satisfaction and gather new leads through referrals and word of mouth.

customer loyalty NPS

Source: Satmetrix 

Deal Forecast

The deal forecast report shows the number of deals in each stage of the pipeline. It’s crucial to have a well-defined sales process to get more accurate forecasting. This simple but effective report will give you a vivid picture of how you are performing deal-wise.  This is a good place to see where your sales teams strengths and weaknesses are. Are they not closing many deals? Do they know when to move a deal to the next stage? 

Deal forecast stages

There are many report possibilities within HubSpot it is important to find or build reports that properly represent your lead generation strategy. Having these reports at the forefront of your strategy will help you manage performance and can even inspire changes to maximise leads entering your CRM. 
Hopefully, this post has helped clear up any queries you had about which HubSpot reports using for lead generation.

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