HubSpot’s Latest News From Inbound 2020

HubSpot’s Latest News From Inbound 2020

Every year HubSpot’s Inbound conference announces the latest news from the marketing automation and CRM company, and this year was no different. This year, through their latest venture of Inbound 2020, a virtual version of the annual conference, saw the introduction of new tools, new hubs and new integrations for HubSpot which will no doubt benefit you in the long run. Time to give you the lowdown on the latest at HubSpot!

Sales Hub Enterprise

HubSpot has launched new features in Sales Hub Enterprise, meaning it’s more powerful than ever but still easy to use. Custom objects are a huge addition to the Sales Hub. This feature allows you to have more flexibility and control to match your CRM,  through creating properties and determining properties that don’t fall under the typical categories like contacts, companies or deals.

You can also trigger workflows based on custom object data and set enrollment triggers specific to your custom objects’ properties to target whoever and whenever!  There’s also a new Sales Hub Implementation Certification in the HubSpot Academy so you can be certified in the new Sales Hub tools and features.

Scalable Marketing Hub Pricing

Coming October 21st, 2020 – only pay for contacts you choose to market to. With the new scalable pricing for contacts in the Marketing Hub, you only have to pay for the contacts you want to market to. Gone are the days of worrying about marketing to contacts that have opted out of marketing emails, contacts that bounce, or quarantined email addresses.

You can modify your contact list monthly, so you can change how many contacts you market to monthly, allowing you to adapt to your business’s ever-changing client list. You’ll then be able to enjoy free storage of up to one million non-marketing contacts!


Web page maintenance and design has never been easier for both marketers and developers with the CMS Hub, launched in April of this year. You will be able to run maintenance and management without the hassle of worrying about speed, security and reliability of your CMS.

You can easily create a website by leveraging HubSpot’s default themes and modules, or let your developer design create something custom. Marketers can effortlessly edit their websites through drag and drop page editing, as well as utilising apps and website assets in the HubSpot Marketplace.

CMS Hub comes built in with the HubSpot CRM, where you can personalise content to your customers’ needs and report on your content’s success with contact attribution reporting.

Service Hub Enhancements

HubSpot’s Service Hub has gotten new enhancements, to make it as efficient as possible for its’ users. HubSpot has added logged-in visitor identification to the Service Hub, so companies can respond to messages quicker and personally, in the conversations inbox. 

New help desk automation features have been added to allow businesses to set up in-app chat bots to answer common questions. In addition to the in-app chat bots, HubSpot is providing support to companies with an international customer base by adding multi-language knowledge base capabilities.

Expanded App Ecosystem and App Integrations

HubSpot is making it easier for businesses to build a tech stack suited to the demands of a digital-based world with updates to remote work apps like Slack and Zoom. New apps such as Microsoft Teams have been added to the marketplace, as well as new app integrations like Canva, to help you customise your content without leaving HubSpot.

HubSpot has also updated their Solutions Directory, completely redesigning it – so it can help businesses find the right service provider so they can thrive in the digital world. This will help any company adjust to the “new normal”.

HubSpot has made sure their new features benefit any business in the “new normal” of the digital-focused world. Click here if you’d like to learn more about HubSpot’s latest products. Or if you’d like to learn more about how HubSpot can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to help!


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