Author: Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch

Mark has been on the Dotdynamic team for over a year. Whilst studying digital marketing in college, he earned a coveted marketing internship with Horse Racing Ireland where he could develop vital knowledge and skills which he uses on a daily basis today. Mark is passionate about the inbound methodology and continues to research new techniques and approaches to drive valuable business growth to his clients. Mark spends most of his days diving into client Hubspot portals looking for new techniques to optimise current inbound marketing efforts as well as identifying new opportunities for his clients to continue growing. Outside of the work environment, Mark is an avid sports enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if it’s played with a ball, requires a four-legged partner, or uses horsepower of another nature. If it’s competitive he’s interested.

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s safe to assume that you’re researching different free CRM software options to find the one that will fit your business’ needs. You want to find the right free CRM that will assist you in growing your business. Using a...