7 Best Google Ads Extensions for Lead Generation

7 Best Google Ads Extensions for Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important part of your marketing and sales strategy to help grow your business. Focusing on lead gen can attract more relevant traffic to your website and will allow you to convert them into customers. With paid marketing being a crucial part of your marketing efforts, you should use it to boost your lead capturing tactics.

Within your Google Ads account, you can implement a variety of ad extensions to increase the size of your ads, to include more information relating to products and services and even to aid in the lead generation process. 

  1. Call Extensions
  2. Call Out Extensions
  3. Sitelink Extensions
  4. Lead Form Extensions
  5. Image Extensions
  6. Promotion Extensions
  7. Location Extensions

Call Extensions

Google Ads call extensions is an ad feature that allows prospective customers to effortlessly contact your business. This extension will display a phone number that can be clicked to call your business, this can result in increased customer engagement and more opportunities for your sales team leads. Call extensions are displayed in one of two ways, either by displaying the number below the heading or with an icon on mobile devices. It is important to use call tracking to assess incoming phone calls making it easier to evaluate your lead quality. 

Call Extension

Call Out Extensions

Call Out Extensions allows you to add additional text to your ads to display more information about your business, services and products. You can use this feature to promote deals, to further describe your products but more importantly to capture the attention of your target audience. This will help you grab more clicks and traffic while increasing your chances of landing more leads.

Call Out Extension

Sitelink Extensions are one of the most versatile extensions that appear on all devices, increase click-through rates and give you the opportunity to win more real estate on Google search results page. Sitelink extensions accomplish this by allowing you to add four additional links as a call to action with two short descriptions and a URL to direct users to more of your landing pages. 

Using these extensions will give those interested more information into your business and take up more space on SERP keeping your competitors further down and out of sight.

Sitelink Extension

Lead Form Extensions

Google has introduced a lead generation focused feature to its ad platform giving marketers a new tool to help improve their lead generation process. This extension allows you to add a customisable lead form to your ads. This gives users the opportunity to submit their contact information for content, quotes, and information on products without the need to enter the site. Providing users with a simple and quick way to get your content can boost the number of leads you receive. 

With lead form extensions, you can simply download a CSV file with the submitted lead information or you can automatically transfer this information to your CRM via webhook.

Lead Form Extension

Lead Form

Image Extensions

When conducting a lead generation strategy it is important to capture the attention of potential customers in an attempt to convert them into leads. Google’s Image extension does just that. Claim more space on SERP by complimenting your text ads with an image. These extensions sort of mimic featured snippets form organic listing and can lead to increased CTR and traffic. 

Avoid being disapproved by using an image of your product or services with no logo and text overlays. Display your products with high-quality static images and watch your performance increase.

Image Extension

Location Extensions

Location Extensions provide a way for you to add a business address to your ads with a map marker to show users where you are located and the distance to your business. These extensions also can send users to your location pages where they can find more information about for business and you can even add a phone number, giving the user another option in contacting you and becoming a lead. 

Location extensions have many benefits like increasing your quality score by improving your CTR, encouraging people to contact you, you can display this extension in multiple locations and can even help you run location-relevant ads without having to create new ad groups and campaigns. Communicate with your users and bring more potential leads to your site by adding location extensions to your ads.

Location Extension

Lead Generation is very important and can provide great results to all business looking to grow. Along with SEO and inbound marketing, it is crucial to use your paid marketing campaigns to help bolster your lead generation efforts. Google Ads extensions provide you with the opportunity to add more information about all aspects of your business for potential customers to make the decision to come to you to solve their problem, and converting them into paying customers.
Hopefully, this post has helped clear up any queries you had about which PPC extensions to use for lead generation. If you still have questions or would like to find out more information on any of our services, contact us today. You can get in touch through our website or feel free to send us a quick tweet or Facebook message; we’d be happy to help!



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