The 5 W’s of Great Content

The 5 W’s of Great Content

Whether you are the owner of a large e-commerce website or just a landing page, the importance of good content should never be underestimated.

Content is not just the blog posts that you write every fortnight. It is the pictures you post on Facebook, the pages on your website, the bio on your Twitter account and the video that you published on your YouTube account.

Everything you create for your business is content and each piece is valuable to your business so ensure you are getting the right return for the time you are investing into content creation. Here are some points you should consider when you are creating content on for your business.

Who – Who is this content intended for?  Whether you use Buyer Personas or the Buyer’s Journey Model you should identify who you think should read this content. Perhaps you are launching a new product, existing customers might be interested in this as they are familiar with your company or maybe you are identifying common problems your customers had before they used your product/service, potential customers could find this interesting as they are looking for a solution to the problem they have identified.

What – Once you have decided who your content is aimed at, consider what you are going create, will it be a video? A newsletter?  An informative blog post? Take some time to think about what format might suit your readers, at the end of the day, your customers are as busy as you are!

Where – Where is this new content going to be posted? If you are creating a video, will you post it on your website as well as on YouTube? Or will you just be linking to the video? It is important to share your content but it is more important to share it on sites and platforms that your customers frequent. For example, if your customers are mostly on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest then there may be little to no benefit in posting your content on Google+ and Instagram!

When – When will you post your content?  This is important to ensure that your content is seen. Take time zones and social media peak time into consideration as failing to do so this might impede your content’s performance.

Why – Why are you doing this? What is the aim with this content, do you want to educate your customers or do you want to launch a new product and increase sales? You should have a clear picture of what purpose this content serves.

How – How did you do? The analysis is vital. After spending all of this time creating your content you want to see if it all worked! Every time you do something you should reflect and see how it affected your performance. Whether there is a small growth or a massive spike in sales every win is a win, no matter how small.

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