12 HubSpot Integrations for Lead Generation Wizardry

12 HubSpot Integrations for Lead Generation Wizardry

Lead Generation is defined by HubSpot as “the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated an interest in your company’s product or service”. Companies use lead generation strategies for many reasons, from increasing sales and revenue to increased website traffic. 

Finding potential customers can be a difficult process so it is important you have a powerful CRM to manage lead information and that you have the right integrations for lead generation.

HubSpot integrations are add-ons that provide your HubSpot account with additional functionality. These integrations can increase efficiency and productivity, provide new features and extensions. By using integrations across your portal you can provide your business with the tools to complete more tasks while saving time and becoming more effective.

HubSpot has many integrations available that can help you with generating and creating qualified leads.. Here we will focus on tracking calls to associate calls with a source, PPC integrations to track performance when compared to other marketing efforts and creating custom retargeting lists.

Social integrations to give you a comparison of which network generates the most leads and reporting so you can review your efforts.

  1. Call Integrations
    1. CallRail
    2. UberConference
    3. JustCall
  2. PPC Integrations
    1. Google Ads
    2. LinkedIn Ads
    3. Adroll
  3. Reporting Integrations
    1. Hotjar
    2. Databox
    3. Supermerics
  4. Social Media Integrations
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. YouTube

Call Integrations

Call tracking is a crucial aspect of lead generation and should be implemented by every marketer. In the world of online marketing, it is clear to see that leads will not always convert, but what if the user clicks on an ad and then calls? Call tracking will allow you to assign credit for capturing these leads and inspire you to make smarter lead capturing decisions.


CallRail is a service that will help you track and manage leads that have called your business. CallRail has many useful tools that can be utilized by your business. These tools include lead scoring, phone call recording, call tracking, dynamic number insertion and so much more. By integrating CallRail with Hubspot, the collected phone calls and text information can be automatically added and organised into your CRM, now you won’t have to manually enter information to your portal. 


UberConference is a cloud-based calling service that makes hosting meetings and taking calls a simple and effortless task. This software comes with an array of features such as voice intelligence, screen sharing and video meeting in HD. By integrating it with HubSpot you can manage your meetings without having to leave your portals.


With JustCall, your sales and support teams will have a phone system that will be effective on any device, in any place at any time. With JustCalls HubSpot integration, log call and text activity under the right contacts, all within the one platform, allowing you to nurture leads effectively by knowing their buyer’s journey position.

PPC Integrations

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google pay to play online advertising platform that helps companies brand awareness, generate leads and make sales. By integrating Google ads with HubSpot you can create targeted audience lists that can sync with your Google ads remarketing campaigns. Another key benefit of this HubSpot integration is evaluating your ads in terms of your bottom like. Here you can set the ROI in relation to your Google ad campaigns, not just ROAS.

LinkedIn Ads

By connecting your LinkedIn Ads to your HubSpot portal you can create a simple way to store contacts in HubSpot along with information like company name and email addresses from your lead form ads. LinkedIn lead forms can be easily added to workflows for content and follow up emails. Get the full overview of your LinkedIn marketing activity all from the one platform by connecting your accounts.


AdRoll is a platform specializing in online retargeting campaigns, by reappearing in front of potential customers it is a useful tool for generating quality leads. Once HubSpot and LinkedIn are connected you can transform your contact lists into retargeting lists giving you a solid foundation for a successful campaign. Using HubSpot’s CRM contact attribute ensures your retargeting lists to aid in a personalized lead generation experience for potential customers.

Reporting Integrations


Hotjar is an impressive behavioural analytic software that allows you to analyze your website’s performance, usability, and how it is perceived by website visitors. Hotjar presents this data in the form of heatmaps, screen recordings and surveys. Having this software in your arsenal will present a great opportunity to learn more about the users and how they navigate your website. The Hotjar Hubspot integration allows you to collect this information directly into HubSpot where you can effortlessly review your website engagement.


View all of your marketing, sales and KPI metrics on any device at any time. The Databox integration gives you the power of robust reporting outside of the HubSpot reporting app. Visualize more than 150 HubSpot metrics, SEMRush, Google Ads and Analytics data in over 100 pre-built report templates. Get an overview of your Landing pages, KPIs, ROI and so much more in just a few clicks. 


Supermetrics is a set of data connectors that allows marketers to transfer data from their various marketing platforms and CRMs to a reporting warehouse like Google Data Studio, Excel and much more. Integrating Superemetrics with HubSpot provides you with a seamless way to move your HubSpot data into a singular spreadsheet where you can combine it with other collected data for a complete overview. 

Social Media Integrations


Facebook can be easily integrated with HubSpot giving you an insight into how your audience is engaging with your content. This integration comes with many benefits such as scheduling and uploading posts, social calendar comparison to other networks and reporting on how many leads come through social channels.


Keep track of your tweets on Twitter and their performance by integrating it with HubSpot CRM. Here you can keep on top of your Twitter presence while quickly creating content. Within HubSpot’s reporting feature you can see all contacts generated by your Twitter content along with other metrics like impressions and even top posts.


With just a few clicks YouTube can be connected with your HubSpot portal allowing you to see its performance when compared to your other social networks. Get an understanding of what video content to focus on, giving you the best chance of getting new views and subscribers which aids brand awareness all on the one platform.

Hopefully, this post has helped clear up any queries you had about which Hubspot integrations to use for lead generation. If you still have questions or would like to find out more information on any of our services, contact us today.

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