Website Optimization

What is Website Optimization?Website Optimization

Also known as website conversion optimization and website conversion rate optimization is the process of reviewing your website for opportunities to improve:

  • Site Speed and Performance
  • Visitor Time On Site / Page
  • Visitor Bounce Rate
  • The Rate and Number of Conversions

A optimized website can not only perform better at converting your visitors but may perform better in search engine rankings and in in displaying on mobile devices.

Ask Me How to Optimize Your Website

How Can I Help?

First of all I take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve with your website. Your website is a marketing tool and should be designed to provide your visitors with relevant information that moves them efficiently to a conversion point that represents revenue for your business.Understanding how your visitors currently use and navigate your site will guide much of the conversion optimization process. The overall process includes:

  • Review website goals and conversion points
  • Review site structure and performance
  • Review website analytics
  • Make design recommendations
  • Implement design changes
  • Ongoing design testing