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Ahrefs export

Quickly Bulk Export and Merge Ahrefs Backlink Reports From Multiple Domains

This morning I read a great post by Jon Cooper over on the PointBlankSEO blog on how to prioritize link opportunities in Excel based on competitor's link profiles. Jon has laid out a fantastic process here, but opening all competitor link profiles in Ahrefs and then clicking export for each one looks like it is going to […]
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Moz Competitive Link Finder Export to Spreadsheet

Export Data From The Moz Competitive Link Finder With This Hack

TL;DR - Skip to The Hack   Why Hack Moz's Competitive Link Finder? I love the Moz Competitive Link Finder! What a fantastic and simple tool to find where competitor's link profiles intersect. Why would you want this information? For quick and easy link building and outreach opportunities of course! Seek out high authority membership directories, event sponsorship opportunities, local […]
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